Homespun Blahs

Last week Loobylu was named Blog of the Week in the Age and the Sydney Morning Herald. With the observations that it is the scenes of domestic bliss that keep readers coming back for more I thought I should mention that some days just don’t go that well. A lot of days actually. Amelia and I did this little collaborative portrait last Friday afternoon in the aftermath of a horrendous tantrum. She seemed to know exactly what colours and line work the portrait needed to really express what had been going on.

I can’t remember what had been bugging her. I didn’t give her the right drink bottle, or I wouldn’t let her watch tv in the middle of the day (“ELMO! ELMO! WHAAA!”) or something equally annoying for her but it had been the lying on the floor howling, limb flailing kind of tantrum which was just one of many that day. Fortunately a long walk and a dinner of dhal on toast calmed her down in time for bed.

On a craftin’ note, I ordered some wool from the Bendigo Woollen Mills last week through my Mum’s lovely friend Ina – A big ball of some delicate bluey-greeny-pinky stuff to make Amelia a basic sweater (oooh! scary!) and a ball of lime green stuff to turn into a hot water bottle cover as winter creeps up on us. I have decided that it’s time to move on from the old scarf pattern. The wool should arrive tomorrow along with some for my Mum. She is knitting the same sweater so I have coaxed her into letting me knit along with her as I am terrified of taking on anything that requires sleeves that need to be a correct length. Or just anything with extra bits – unlike scarves. I also paid a visit to the most amazing Sunspun last Thursday where I had every intention of spending some birthday money. I wanted to find some Noro Gemstones yarn to turn into the charm bag from Stitch ‘n Bitch but they had never heard of it and all the other Noro yarn was scarily expensive. So I wandered around aimlessly getting lost in the sensory experience that is Sunspun. Mmm… great colours this season. As Big-P and I are now existing on a strict budget, I have to make sure I am really going to start (and finish) these projects before buying yarn willy-nilly and adding to my fast growing stash. I have quickly learnt that finding something that you want to knit and rushing out to buy the required yarn and needles is fun and exciting but expensive and for me gives me some kind of quick fix without a guarantee that I am going to actually knit anything. Bad me.