My photography leaves a lot to be desired (can anyone give me some good tips for taking digital pics of objects and craft works? Do you take them in direct sun? Filtered light? etc?) but here are the results from my screen print class the other day. I used three screens – a yellow, a pink and a blue which meant I could get purples, greens, oranges and browns when overlapping them. This is what it looked like after two colours were put down:

Which I actually like better than the finished three colour image:

I LOVE this class that I am doing. I lay awake on Wednesday night unable to sleep because I was so excited about class the following day. I even got a bit of a buzz of joy when I read through the requirements for end of semester assessment. This is so bizarre for me. I have a very rocky study history – having dropped out of three courses after patchy grades and even patchier attendance records. Although this one is likely to take me eight years at the rate of one class a semester I can actually imagine enjoying those eight years and perhaps even getting some kind of certificate at the end of it. But perhaps I should take it easy and not get too carried away…