Amelia's Kitchen

Happy birthday Dan and happy birthday Al for last weekend!
I seem to have run out of inspiration for meals for Amelia, especially as she has a few foods which are her very favourites and everything else is a struggle to get in. At the moment her favourite food group is the round food group – consisting of blueberries, grapes and peas. She will eat bowls full until she is looking a little bug-eyed and will keep demanding more – “pea! pea! pea! ok! yeah! pea!”. She will down a bowl of dahl pretty quickly if she can eat each spoonful with a pea delicately placed on top, and she will eat a few African pancakes if she’s hungry enough (so called because an African man once gave me the recipe at a Hot Air Balloon Festival explaining that these pancakes gave him and his family back home their calcium: beans and corn in pancakes and cumin for taste. I usually also add a small tin of tuna and a grated zucchini – they are pretty good and will usually get wolfed down by any nearby adult as Amelia dawdles over every mouthful) but anything else gets a closed lip, head shaking, arm waving rejection. So I turn to Annabel Karmel for inspiration and make bowl foods of food that look like faces with crazy pasta or tofu hair, olive noses and pea (pea! pea!) eyes. This sometimes seems to work. I might need to get hold of a Clare Crespo book for further ideas.

Speaking of exotic food, I see that Jamie Oliver has turned his website into a blog. Reading it is pure escapism:

“So it was good to see Jennifer [Aniston] again. The first time we met was in December, as we cooked a surprise dinner for BradÂ’s 40th birthday. I took a Chef and aone of my students from Fifteen with me and we cooked this amazing tasting menu. Dennis had never flown before and it was great as I did not tell him who we were cooking for. Even though I loved cooking for Brad and Jennifer I got just as much pleasure out of seeing how excited Dennis was.”

So go read that, or stay here and read about African pancakes!