Blueberry Hill

Yesterday was pretty dull – with shimmering heat making any outdoor activity quick and unpleasant. The supermarket was cool until Amelia spotted blueberries in the shopping trolley, immediately wanted some, couldn’t have any so went purple in the face with her “My mother is a cruel, nasty, selfish cow” blood curdling howl. There’s nothing more stressful than a full trolley, a long check-out line and screaming child, as I am sure you have been told, experienced or witnessed before. I would rather turn right out into peak hour traffic than have to do that regularly.
We went to the library in the afternoon and I found a couple of good illustration books (see sidebar or links 1 and 2). In the Caldecott one, I discovered that Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are was originally mocked up in 1955 as Where the Wild Horses Are. His little dummies are beautiful in themselves. I realise that I have a book all about getting Children’s books together and then ready to pitch to a publisher – story boards, making dummies etc. – but the thing is unfortunately in storage for another few months. At this rate I won’t be needing it in any huge hurry.

So back at home in the air conditioned lounge, while Amelia sorted her tin of old christmas cards and looked through her new library books, I got quite a lot of my knitting done and will be finished the scarf in the next day or two. After spending some time Tuesday night admiring Suzette’s scarf that she is whipping through on huge needles I have decided that I might try this one next. It is looking fabulous and quite sophisticated unlike my basic bulky knit which just looks kind of uneven and bulky and alarmingly red.