Knit one, terrible twos (early)

On Saturday morning Big-P, Amelia J and I headed over to Brunswick to pick up Special-K who came to spend the weekend with us for some nurturing. She had a minor motorbike accident on a recent trip to Perth and as her flat is up three flights of stairs, she is having to be nomadic for a couple of weeks and find friends who live on ground level to stay with. On our way over there we stopped off so I could pick up some yarn to start my great knitting adventure. Big thick red wool was the order of the day and some hunken-chunken 6mm needles. I am knitting the basic “ribbed for her pleasure” scarf from page 47 of Stitch ‘n Bitch. I don’t think I am holding the needles and wool properly yet as I have a very sore little finger today but otherwise it’s going pretty well. My scarf is growing rapidly, my stitches becoming a little neater and I have big plans for other assorted items.
Speaking of scarves. The Melbourne Scarf Festival is coming up in June which looks very inspiring.

Mum and Dad return home today after a 9 day holiday on a tropical island. I am really looking forward to seeing them – as is Amelia J. We had a long and tough week last week. By Friday after a week of basic isolation due to green mucus and hefty coughs she and I were sick of the sight of one another. The highlight of the week of tantrums and lack of sleep was when I decided to take Amelia for a drive and a walk to give us a break from the monotony. She refused to walk out to the car with me, crying her current favourite “NO MORE!” as I coaxed her out the front door. I carried her to the nature strip where I plonked her down so that I could unlock the car and as I did she collapsed to her knees bawling and howling “NO MORE! NO MORE!”. As I came back around to open her door she dramatically slumped down , crying “NANNA! PA!” and then accidentally rolled down the nature strip and lay covered in leaves and dirt in the gutter with green snot and tears streaming down her face, still howling “NO MORE! NANNA! PA!”. Ah, the neighbours must think I’m the mother from hell. But wait until she starts sporting lovingly created, hand knitted sweaters and hats! Then all will be forgiven. Maybe.

Um, is that personal enough for you? 😉