Babel on

There is a blog I like to visit which is written in Portuguese. I can’t understand a word of it but I can look at her photos and from her photos I can tell that I would have a lot in common with Rosa. Some times I want to read what she is saying so I copy and paste it into Babel Fish and often end up being even more intrigued by the translation. Today it reads:

“disarmed f., that already does not give account of the message, that already does not wash nor clean, that it does not have domiciliário support of the mercy because the son sabotaged all my efforts. f., that says badly of the neighbors for the coasts, that lie down perdigotos, that fear puts me, that beats in the cat. f. touches me it the door and says that wool of a nightgown sobrou it that made for the great-granddaughter pulls of a plastic bag and shows to the acrylic color of rose bebé tricotado in rice point: ó pink m’na, is to see? thus I make one for almonds of and what she is that gives more skill to it, one camisolinha or one casaquinho?”

I told you! Intriguing! What can it all mean?