Here’s a little guy in a kitten costume… which is now for sale on ebay. (this time a big hat tip to Yoshimoto Nara – and here too – There’s not an original thought in this head I tells ya) Details…

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  1. carolewrites@hotmail.com

    Your creative spark is always an inspiration! I also write for children (not published yet), and I look forward to buying your books someday!

  2. rhya@primus.ca

    your dolls are great! I just checked out Kaori Kasi’s dolls at a store in toronto called magic ponythey have a web site which i think is magic-pony.com and they have tons of great treats. I love plush anything so keep making!!

  3. champouxv@yahoo.com

    wow! the world is a really small place… i jsut came back from San Francisco, wehre I say Yoshimoto Nara’s work for the first time in and exhibit at the SF MoMA, the painting was #18 from the gallery, The Girl with a Knife…Did you get my email about the custom work?

  4. me@me.net

    This is so cute! as are the drawings. Id like to buy the green one when you make him. Those little round ears are so cute!

  5. Dianne@rigdonia.com

    Oh heck I love the little guy! And bidding is going quite well, I see! YAY!

  6. campose99@htomail.com

    Very cute, kind of kewpiesque face. Love it. Congratulations, looks like it is doing very well on ebay! I like the title :o).

  7. dearmisha@yahoo.com

    My goodness! I just checked ebay, and it looks like people really want that doll! The bidding’s way out of my league so I guess I’ll have to make my own.

  8. rainer@alumni.sfu.ca

    Your dolls made me think of an article that ran in this week’s New York Times magazine. A couple started hand-making “Ugly Dolls” and writing little stories to go with them, and now they’re the new hot thing. Judging from your success on ebay, I think you may be onto something!
    I e-mailed you the article, but for anyone else, the link is:


    It should be free for the next few days; after that they’ll probably start charging.

  9. jl_marshall@hotmail.com

    The doll is great. I can tell you had fun putting on those embellishments like the buttons and flower. It’s clear that you have a *huge* fan base out there! 🙂

  10. mariep@NOSPAMmac.com

    …sigh… I did my best – I did so want the little guy – but I got outbid and can’t afford to get back into the game, since we’re looking to buy a house soon. Please make more – he is adorable!!!

  11. tokisi@hotmail.com

    I used to read Loobylu religiously until I very unceremoniously went offline for a long time….what do I come back to…more Loobylu inspiring creative genius. Mum, Illustrator, book person, doll maker….you must have about 60 hrs in your day!!

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