Mr Huggy

So I started of with some little drawings for ideas for felt doll monsters (very big hat tip to Maurice Sendak and the super cool Kaori Kasi). They looked simple enough to stitch together quickly…

And then I got around to making one up ready for a birthday this week… and discovered it’s not so simple and I should have made a pattern and I almost forgot the arms. They were added on at the last minute and are accidently way too long. So now it’s “Mr Huggy – the Hugging Monster”. I am a rather ad-hoc crafting type. I like to fly by the seat of my pants and thank my lucky stars that monsters are quite strange looking at the best of times. I kept Big-P well entertained as I held up the scary looking monster at various intervals and said things like “oops! I just sewed it’s ears together!” or “so what do ya think? It’s pretty ok isn’t it?” and “AHH! Look how long its arms are!” etc.

And as you can see, it’s a little funny lookin’. Happy Birthday Nic!!!

15 Responses to “Mr Huggy”


    Very cute …if you attatch velcro on the end of each of his hands he really would hug onto things!


    That’s adorable!
    By the way, you need to stop posting pictures of your lovely green garden, it makes those of us who are suffering through the stupid cold Canadian winter jealous!


    KaoriKasi site is cool! Love the illustrations! And of course, you must craft by the seat of your pants because there’s no other way to be so creative as you are!The doll is great! I love the fez!!! Heh!


    Claire ~ I would love to try making a monster – what material do you use? How do you give them such sweetly pink cheeks and paint on the features? What do you stuff him/her with? Thanks – I’d love to try it!
    P.S. If you, like a magician, are guarding your secrets, I totally understand!

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