Dreams of Childhood

Mum has a stack of her old engagement calendars piled up beside her bed which Amelia likes to look through every morning before breakfast. Most of them are calendars that Pomegranate Calendars and Books put out in the 1990s called “Dreams of Childhood – Illustrations from Children’s Literature”. Each week is accompanied by a plate from one of the 300,000 children’s books kept by the United States’ Library of Congress mostly dating from early to middle last century. Inside I have discovered many delights including Kay Nielsen, Edmund Dulac, Feodor Rojankovsky, Lois Lenski as well as some samples of old favourites such as Jessie Wilcox Smith and Arthur Rackham.
Who’s taken my skipper sardines?

While I was on the web trail hunting down some images for the above links, I found this great site of Women Children’s Book Illustrators. Lots of good stuff to go through.

And here’s what Amelia J did today; painting!

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  1. chair.briere@shaw.ca

    I LOVE Arthur Rackham and Edmund Dulac!! I also suggest you see Rebecca Guay. I’m almost embarrassed to say that I heard about her from my husbands card game, Magic, but her art struck me and now I’m addicted, I make him show me the new ones as soon as he gets them…

  2. Rose@graduate.uwa.edu.au

    Amelia is just totally adorable. I love that your site is always here. It’s a constant pick me up.

  3. jennifervallez@yahoo.com

    what a cutie! enjoy valentine’s day with her!! : ^ )

  4. campose99@htomail.com

    Aw, what a cutie! She looks like such a big girl. And what a lucky girl, she gets to use ARTISTS paintbrushes instead of those dinky one’s that come in a kit.

  5. jennywren4@hotmail.com

    If you don’t know her work already (you probably do), go look up Lisbeth Zwerger!

  6. girlfactorcom@yah00.com

    elaine, my 22 month old girl goes to art class and they do use large brushes to paint. i think its easier for them to control. now, i probably need the courage to have her paint at home like miss amelia here who is too cute beyond words!

  7. amylehr@yahoo.com

    What a face!!!And it looks like she might have been inspired by Chinese calligraphy? Painted leg and foot .. love the look!

    I discovered Kay Nielson about 10 years ago, browsing through an art college library..it was in an old book, so I wasn’t sure how many people were aware of his work. Good to have a reminder of that! I’ll check those links later…

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