Wild rumpus by the sea

I have a resolution for 2004 which is to make all presents and so far it’s going pretty well… Above is a very easy felt beastie inspired by Max and Where the Wild Things Are for little Miss R who turned 3 on Friday. It’s a bit weird but she didn’t scream or cry or anything when she opened it which must be a good sign. I have more in the works which will hopefully be a little less scary.

We had a too short weekend down at the beach with some good pals and our wonder hosts Nic and Jud. We were lucky enough to have a couple of days of amazing blue sky weather which seems a rarity this summer. The sand was warm and fine and from the balcony we watched rabbits in the grass around us and boats bobbing on the waves over the dunes. On the way down we crunched the car into another car (minor but annoying) which kind of put a little bit of a stress shadow over the weekend, but all the babies were very well behaved and no one punched anyone else out over our game of Pictionary on Saturday night, so you could say the weekend was a grand success.