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Shane Glines
“I have been told that people will only pay for pornography on the internet and I am hoping that they will be proven wrong. I fully intend to make Cartoonretro the best, most inspiring place on the internet. A place you can get lost in, a place to inspire you to create. I want this to be a site that you will be anxious to check out every day, confident that you will see a beautiful piece of artwork.” – Shane Glines

To launch March 2004. (link via Lliam)

5 Responses to “Pay to view”


    Am I really the first to comment? I feel all warm inside. 🙂
    The artwork is beautiful, and I’d much rather put my money toward it than pornography. (Not that pornography gets any of my money currently, of course. Hee.)


    Just wanted to say that I adore your new “Out and About Page”. Your style has really matured and is moving in a truly authentic, original direction despite any concerns you might have that it is too moomin-esque. And it’s so perfectly charming, so perfectly you! Now, if only I can achieve the same and come up with my own fresh style. I think that’s probably the greatest challenge of illustration!


    I just found a new (to me) children’s author and thought you might enjoy – though I’m sure you know about him from years ago / aren’t into his stuff : )… Chris Van Allsburg. Simple charming drawings which reminded me of loobylu!


    That’s funny. Shane Glines’ work isn’t exactly puppy dogs and babies.

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