Shorty shorts

Some snippets:
Last Friday Amelia J threw a fierce tantrum in a bookshop and then later took two steps across the kitchen floor. Toddler-hood begins for real.

We have been watching a DVD of Jud’s called The River Cottage and it makes me want to rush out and find a cottage in Dorset and grow vegies and keep pigs.

Winged Migration has some incredible footage of birds in flight but the “making of” special on the DVD is sadly way too short.

I have a new haircut that looks like a $230 haystack.

I have started writing a new children’s book and it’s like pulling teeth. Oh the agony!

Loobylu has been nominated for Best Australian/New Zealand blog in the 2004 Bloggies! Thank you to whoever was kind enough to nominate me. Some of my favourites are also up for awards which I was very pleased to see.