When working almost entirely digitally using photoshop, a wacom tablet and a stack of scanned in scribbles, it becomes very, very easy to forget how to draw. Drawing by shifting nodes around and relying heavily on the cntrl-z function has made me lazy. I have forgotten how to observe and I have definitely forgotten how to relax. I scared myself recently by picking up a paint brush and trying something on paper and finding that I have lost my sureness of line and gesture. Everything seems pale and timid and disappointing or tight and contrived. Because this makes me sad and because this year is all about More Art and Less TV (New Year’s Resolution #3) and because I am much inspired by the Messrs. Riedel, Gregory and Martz and the always inspiring Ms Smith I am going to swear to you now that a sketch book will be with me at all times in 2004, and not only that but I swear to fill it with doodles and notes.
I bought myself a book in the sales last week from the very trendy Kikki.K which was going to become my sketchbook but the paper isn’t quite what I am looking for, it’s more a notebook. Does anyone recommend (or not) the moleskine diaries that seem so easy to slip into a pocket or bag? Should I just stick to my old canson paper, spiral bound thing? Not very glamourous but practical none the less.

I really like Danny Gregory’s Everything I know about life, I learnt from drawing. I think I might have to print this out and stick it inside the cover of my new book: “It’s all about the Now. That’s why it’s called a drawing, not a drawn”.