Trees and parks and birds!

We’ve decided that in July 2004 we will have enough saved to start looking for a house. Until then we will stay here with Mum and Dad and drive them (and us) completely batty. But it’s all for a good cause.
We now have our sights set on the outer North-Eastern suburbs (full of trees and parks and birds and people who like trees and parks and birds!) such as Eltham and Montmorency. It’s a long way away from life-as-we-know-it but as we have discovered over the last few years, wherever you move to very quickly becomes the centre of life-as-we-know-it. House prices are so much better value for money out there (point of comparison -and unfortunately way out of price range – here is a house out in Eltham and a house for the same price around the corner from here) and did I mention the trees, the parks and the birds? Lovely.

Meanwhile, I have a new design up for Summer and a new list of December treats on my about page. What is December about for you?