2004 = 2002 repeat

How did it get to be almost the end of November already?? How is it that I am filling in my super new Eames 2004 engagement calendar with 2004 engagements already??
I have been slumping around for a couple of weeks wondering what the future has in store. So I have decided to go back and do that course that I applied for a couple of years ago – Screen Print Design. There’s no guarantee I will get accepted again but I thought it was worth giving a go. I want to only do a couple of subjects a semester but it will give me access to facilities and the knowledge that are otherwise out of reach. I read back over that 2001 entry and the list of subjects still inspire me and still make me go “oooooh how cool!” on the inside.

My main concern (which embarrasses me to admit but will be good to get out) is that I will have to drive across the city to get to the campus. As stupid as that sounds I am still a very nervous (sweaty palms, heart palpitations, out-of-control feeling) driver and I would rather sit in this dark study and continue to slog away at client illustration work rather than drive across town and experience LIGHT! JOY! INSPIRATION! and SOCIAL INTERACTION!

2004 will be full of study and house buying. It sounds like what we were aiming to do in 2002 and then I got pregnant!