Some links and things

Hey cats, Beatsville published by Outré Gallery Press (and featuring Tim Biskup! Shag! and Seonna Hong! plus many many more) is out now. The art show is on at Outré Gallery (249 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne) until 18 November.
Also, I am yet to sit down and watch this, but there is a Maurice Sendak lecture to be found and how good does it sound?: “In this riveting and emotionally charged talk, Sendak provides a retrospective on the struggles of his early career as an artist, describing the “great giant ladies versus the suits” of the publishing establishment, discusses the symptoms of depression as they correlate to the creative process, and tells an amazing story of his search for Rosie. On the cusp of his 75th birthday, Sendak describes his life as one “obsessed with childhood,” and concludes, “over the years everything in my creative life has gradually been strengthened and newly passioned”.”

Another great find: The Illustration Cupboard (and an article from the UK’s Independant about the gallery and children’s book illustration in general).

And if there was ever a reason to learn to crochet, these cute soft toys are much inspiration. (thanks to Jennifer, who needs to get herself a blog, because the links she sends me are priceless).

And a new favourite feel good illustration blog: Lopie’s Journal.