Oprah will change my life

After talking to Paula this morning about how we are in desperate need of an oprah-style make-over I discovered the “Be on the Show” page at Oprah.com. While we didn’t manage to find “Do you spend too much time blogging and not enough time applying your eye-liner” we did find one for getting our whole families made over and we discovered an absolute goldmine of other possibilities. For you in the corner over there (yes, you know who you are) “Are you addicted to video games?” could be your chance for tv fame. I am personally going for the: “MOMS – Here’s Your Chance At SUPERSTARDOM!” which sounds like it might be Australian (or American) Idol in tracksuit pants and stained t-shirts with a load of washing under one arm. And here’s a special one for Big-P “ATTN HUSBANDS: What Do You LOVE About YOUR WIFE?“. Heheh.

17 Responses to “Oprah will change my life”

  1. walking2mas@hotmail.com

    I LOVE the cards, just got them in the mail yesterday!!! I’m so ready for the holiday since I found great looking cards!! Everyone at work is jealous…..great work…Hope to see more soon….

  2. catherine_boleyn@eudoramail.com

    Hi, Claire – I’ve figured out the problem! I just got a failure notice, so that’s why you hadn’t received my earlier email. (suddenly eveything becomes clear & it seems smart to leave a comment, instead) In case you haven’t received my last email, the address to ship the cards to is: PO Box 1105; Truro, MA, USA 02666-1105. thanks loads – I’m so excited to send your cards out this season!

  3. melanie@veracity-or-mendacity.com

    Oprah’s page on family makeovers says: “Is the end result a family that looks mismatched and ridiculous? ”
    Personally, I wasn’t aware that families must match. It’s giving me visions of Von Trapp type clothing!

  4. dekent@shaw.ca

    Any clothes made out of my drapes would be quite drab and very itchy. Perhaps we could hide this fact with our fab-tastic yodeling?!?

  5. crazee325@yahoo.com

    oh claire i just got my cards in the mail! i can’t stop giggling. i love the little detials! oh i love them…i’m hugging them right now *blushing* i’m weird… i know…. hehehhe!

  6. wackywillisquartet@yahoo.com

    Dr Phil too American for European minds? Yes, you are pobably correct- he does have a strong ‘no-nonsense, let’s get real’ spin on dealing with life. I do not know about Europe, and I really do not like to generalize, but I can speak of the current winds of change in my own country- everything right now is gear toward being ‘authentic’, no airs or pretenses allowed. It is good- it is what we here in US need currently. Sorry he is offensive to some- I’m sure he offends folks here-I like him and his ‘take no crap’ approach to dealing with life.

  7. kate@penguinart.com

    Dr. Phil scares me a little… how can one effectively diagnose a mental illness or disorder in the course of an hour, in between commercial breaks? Commercial breaks that beg you to eat more, diet more, take more pills, clean better, look better, try to be perfect…
    Claire, I love your site, I love your stuff, I love your fluff, and I love your blogs… from one illustrator to another.

    Is it Spring in Australia?

  8. maria@slayerforever.com

    yeah, dr. phil is a freak. big time. sorry vikki đŸ™‚

  9. her@cornbreadchronicles.com

    Pains me non-a-tall. Hey- everyone has their own opinions- I think its great! It’s what makes the ‘blog’ world go ’round! đŸ™‚ Yes- I do see your point that it looks odd that he diagnoses folks in 3 minute segments- LOL… if it were only that easy, huh, but I think he by legal standing must demand more of his work than that- if not- I think he could get into some serious trouble. Maybe not- maybe folks sign a waiver saying they understand its purely for entertainment- and don’t buy a word he says??? Who knows- I just like the way he addresses issues with folks- straight on, no messing around… That is hard to do- we are taught ‘social graces’ which mandate we smile and tell folks what they want to hear- be polite… instead of being taught ‘truthfulness’. I think its called “Social Lies” and he helps to make fols face that and overcome it all.

  10. kate@penguinart.com

    Well I certainly understand your point about “social lies…” Vicky. And being one who has had years of therapy with recurring stubborn issues, I am perhaps jealous of those who seem to have it all figured out in the span of 1 tv show!
    BTW, how does one become part of the blog world? I have a site, but I do not blog.

    Happy Halloween!

  11. cindratee@indy.rr.com

    I think it is time Oprah had a show about blogging. Put it in the suggestion area that she has. As a blogging addict, I think it would be a fabulous show! Maybe they could make us over as we blogged!

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