Oprah will change my life

After talking to Paula this morning about how we are in desperate need of an oprah-style make-over I discovered the “Be on the Show” page at Oprah.com. While we didn’t manage to find “Do you spend too much time blogging and not enough time applying your eye-liner” we did find one for getting our whole families made over and we discovered an absolute goldmine of other possibilities. For you in the corner over there (yes, you know who you are) “Are you addicted to video games?” could be your chance for tv fame. I am personally going for the: “MOMS – Here’s Your Chance At SUPERSTARDOM!” which sounds like it might be Australian (or American) Idol in tracksuit pants and stained t-shirts with a load of washing under one arm. And here’s a special one for Big-P “ATTN HUSBANDS: What Do You LOVE About YOUR WIFE?“. Heheh.