Solo mission

My holiday card sales are going really well… in fact at this rate I might sell out (so get in quick!!!) which is pretty exciting. I have spent the last couple of days bundling up parcels and addressing envelopes. The free stickers are yet to arrive from the printers — I had to get them reprinted three times! Dodgy printers. Grr. So once they get here in the next day or two the parcels will be released into the world.

ar ar ar! These cards are great!

Mum and Dad have gone off on an epic trip north for a couple of weeks leaving Big-P, Amelia J and I here to play house. I have grown so used to having lots of help around the place that to be suddenly thrown back in the deep end of solo toddler support I am feeling a tad nervous. I know it’s all about making the absolute most of every spare minute – chopping up veggies for dinner while Amelia J eats her lunch, hanging up the washing while she naps etc. She is beginning to get around a bit more in the last few days. I wouldn’t call it crawling exactly, it’s more like she drags herself with much leg waggling but she’s getting pretty fast. This means she can’t be left alone for a second now otherwise she is clambering into danger zones of which she seems to discover more and more of every day. I guess a new routine will be established by the weekend. Today I have to concentrate all my efforts on making soup.