Amelia J is ONE YEAR OLD! After much partying on the weekend (her first taste of chocolate cake and she was in heaven) we took ourselves off to visit the maternal and child health nurse for her 12 month check up. Pretty much all is well – she is a little short, but nice and chubby, with a HUGE head. Her language skills are very good (she has 8 + words when at 12 months 3 is good). She is happy and cheerful and doing all the normal things a one year old does… except crawl. So a letter has been sent to a physio and I wait for him to call and hopefully tell me what I already know – that she’s fine and that she is just taking a little longer to crawl than average. Hopefully he won’t tell me that I have to take her in for session after session of stretches and exercises at great trouble and great expense.
My holiday cards are only a few days away from going on sale but I am still waiting for the cellophane bags to pack them in. My phone call to the supplier yesterday went : “I was just wondering if you can tell me when you might have sent my cellophane bags, as I am worried that they’ve gone missing” — “Yes, they’ve been sent.” – “when??” – “Friday” – “oh ok, I thought you might have posted them on Wednesday when I ordered them so I was beginning to worry” – “well I went down to the post office and they had put them aside, so they were sent this morning.” — “Thismorning??” — “err no sorry, Friday” — yeah right.