Illustration rock 'n' roll

Some illustration stuff for today:
Beautiful new Bugs and Butterflies stamps (“fla fla” Amelia would say as she opens and shuts her hand like a flapping butterfly) were released last Thursday from Australia Post with sublime illustrations by Graeme Base (of Animalia fame and fortune). I bought Amelia a first day cover for her treasure box and a box of 100 stamps for me to use on special mail.

Speaking of fame and fortune; While Madonna’s new kid’s book The English Roses (the first of five) meets with mixed reviews, there is no doubting that the illustrations are quite luscious in all their candy-coloured loveliness. I had a look at a copy of the book last week and searched for the name of the illustrator on the cover. No such luck! Not even in weeny tiny letters. I managed to find Jeffrey Fulvimari’s name buried on the title page.

Likewise her second book Mr Peabody’s Apples, which will be released in November, has no mention of the illustrator on the cover… and after much searching online, I find a tiny little shout-out on a Madonna fan forum that it’s illustrator Loren Long.

Madonna’s publisher Callaway tells us that “Each of Madonna¬ís books will feature a different, internationally acclaimed artist” but not so acclaimed that they are worth a by-line on the cover?

Meanwhile, Madonna turns up to book launches and book signings in her new “children’s book writer” chic attire. She’s a little bit J K Rowling and a little bit beatnik