Talking baby and talking fish

Amelia J now has a few more words besides “bir”. Daddadadaa, Mummmm (still very rarely), du (asking for her plastic ducks in the bath) and “THA?”, or sometimes “Was THA?”, accompanied by a wild pointing action to something in the nearby vicinity. Of course, you have to congratulate learning and curiosity by telling her what “THA” is each time… even if she really doesn’t care which I can tell because she will point to something and say “THA?” without even looking at. Friday she spent all day shouting “THA?” while I tried to answer her with equal enthusiasm but by the end of the day the best I could muster was a kind of flat monotone from an almost comatose state; “Couch, wall, chair, book, teddy, wall, scratch on the wall, another scratch on the wall” and then when we went out walking “tree, tree, bird, magpie, tree, dog, tree, fence, errrr… sky, sky, sky… dirt”. Children are apparently sponges after all, so perhaps she is storing up an incredible vocabulary and will one day soon astound us with perfectly formed sentences.
The holiday cards are back from the printers and look as spiffy as I could have hoped so that’s pretty exciting. I am planning on getting them up on sale around October 10. Don’t forget to sign up (by sending a blank email when clicking here) to be notified of their release. Now it’s time to work on that business plan.

We saw Finding Nemo last weekend and I loved it. I agree with some of the harsher reviews that the film was a little sentimental at times, but the animation was exquisite – the character design was flawless and the colours (inspired surely by Mary Blair herself) were to die for. For almost all of last week I was convinced that I was going to have to reinvent myself and become an animator and move us all to California so I could work for Pixar (because I want to work somewhere that sounds like this (via ben) — but who wouldn’t really?). I can’t tell you how many times I have flicked to this interview in the last 7 days for a little vicarious living. I have calmed down a little since then and decided that I will just order the movie on DVD and add it to my collection of all time favourite movies… and perhaps work out how to use Flash to do a little homemade animation in the mean time.