Have a cupcake!

Today is the Mother’s Group baby’s first birthday party! The eldest of the wee tots is turning 1 today and over the next few weeks all the others will be reaching this momentous occasion too so we’re having a big end of term bash to celebrate. I can’t believe Amelia J is almost one. It has gone so fast! In a blink of an eye she is already a shoe fetishist (saying “SHOE!” with great delight any time she sees a pair of shoes – or socks) and already laughing at her own jokes (food on the floor? “AHHAHA!”, patting daddy on the tummy? “AH HAAAHHAA!!”). I am taking the video camera, a bottle of champagne and pink swirly cupcakes that mum and I have been decorating with glee. PARTY!

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  1. julietesei@yahoo.com

    What a great shot!
    I hope to take food photos as good as this one day. Did you use a digital camera and what sort of lens?

    Hope you have a great time!

  2. i.am@fivefeetflat.com

    that looks scrumpious.


    I better head downstairs and get something sweet.

    Note to myself: have someone to go looby’s site before entering… you might grow fat in the end of the month.


  3. ealbaiges@yahoo.com

    claire,i discovered your blog one week before you had amelia, when i was six months pregnant of jan, my son. i’ve been reading you to know what lay ahead for me, and now i’m thrilled to find out that amelia can already say things! will jan be such a smart baby?

  4. trace8@speakeasy.net

    I’ve never seen a more perfect grouping of cupcakes…. I love the bright pink accent swirl…. what is the dark dot on top? Is it purple? CUTE

  5. smtanner@ucdavis.edu

    i want u as my mom..and im 21!~ ur the coolest! from ur pictures to the actual cupcakes, i smell perfection!

  6. eradford@gmp.usyd.edu.au

    Ciao from Roma! Watch out for a postcard…M

  7. dreadpiratenilly@hotmail.com

    Wow, it has flown by. Beautiful cupcakes, by the way–how’d you get them so perfect? Have an excellent time partying, you certainly deserve it.
    Thanks for the link to the vintage encyclopedia buttons, btw. I ordered two packs. Woohoo!

  8. dan@country.victoria.com

    not enough people who read blogs have babies. i am disappointed that of the 23 replies so far only a couple mention the real significant event in your life. your daughters first year…we are expecting our second any day…the rate at which children develop is phenomenal and the responsibility for shaping the way they interact with the world is immense. you are doing great from all blog reports. keep it up…and don’t waste too much time trying to capture it all in a blog, or on a camera…enjoy the actual experience…children are divine.

  9. keymistress@nov1.net

    hahaha 😀 but i’m not even married!! and cupcakes aren’t that common in singapore, even if there are any, they don’t look as good as these!!! ours are just plain brown in white paper whatever-you-call-that-cup. 😉

  10. t.bartley@att.net

    We just celebrated our daughter’s 2nd bday with cupcakes! Enjoy! and congratulations!

  11. j2@alloutofangst.com

    Oh, do I ever love cupcakes. Don’t really like cake, but cupcakes are a completely different story.
    Thanks for being part of my “100 Blogs, 100 Comments.”

  12. lee@toonstudio.com.au

    Nice work, love the coloured paper as well. Can imagine the sugar rush now.
    By the way I too had piucked up a copy of the Art of Mary Blair recently. Stunning work and a great book. I’ve got a friend coming to live in Sydney from the Disney studio in LA that has a similar style to that as well.

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