New design for spring

As you can see, I have put up my new design for spring. I am thinking that it’s a little information dense, but it’s just for a few months until I change it again for Summer.

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    Hi there. As always, I love your new illo. And I really really like the new lay out – very refreshing. information dense is good, for now any way. 🙂


    Hi there!I’ve been meaning to post up a comment for a while now … but just want to say how lovely the new page layout looks. And I am v v glad you’re going ahead with your cards this christmas… I’m sure they will be gorgeous and I will definately be ordering some!
    Lucky you your summer is approaching, mine is just ending!


    As mentioned above your blog is a breathe of fresh air, it has the scent of much joy. I think your page will be one I visit often.


    O claire… I absolutely adore your spring fresh Loobylu illo, especially the cherry blossom patterned kimono. Breathtakingly lovely as always! You’re an inspiration.


    claire you are soo talented!!! i love the look….you’re definitely an inspiration to me! can’t wait to see more!


    I visited your lovely website courtesy of invisible shoebox. Well done.

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