Bir is the word

Amelia J likes birds. If she hears them while she’s eating her dinner she stops and listens. If she sees a magpie on the road when we’re out on a walk she waves her arms around and says “ya ah!”.

This morning while Big-P and I sat up in bed drinking coffee with Amelia J sitting between us playing with her two dolls, Squeezy Boo and Canadian Baby, a couple of Noisy Minor birds landed in a tree outside the window. Amelia got excited and pointed at them and said “ah!!”. We said “Birds!”. They flew away and then she turned to a poster on the wall which has birds on it and she pointed to that and said “bir!”.

A little later a pigeon landed in the same tree. At the same time a car alarm went off nearby. Wooop Woop Woop. Amelia looked at us and smiled (all gums and two bottom teeth), and looked back at the pigeon and went “wooo”.

The child is a genius I tell you!

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    “Canadian Baby”? (I’m Canadian & this peaked my curiosity.)


    all gums and two bottom teeth is my favorite look for baby. great story. our little estella shoos away crows. now that she can walk it is extra funny because she chases them.:)


    I forgot to add to my last comment, did Amelia J have that second hearing test? It doesn’t sound like there is anything to worry about now. Great stuff:0)


    She is immeasurably cute and your bird entry would’ve made my day if it hadn’t already been made. Maybe it was some of the pritt-stick that held the day together?
    And that is what we call rambling..


    AWwwwwwwwwwwwww that is like so cute.
    Speaking of birds, I just remembered once upon a time I head a deck of gambling cards with birns as the theme.

    You won’t mind if I give them to Amelia J will ya? 😉

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