Yesterday Amelia J moved across the floor! She still can’t crawl but she did what is known as a bum-shuffle. While still sitting upright she used her legs to move herself across the carpet towards an enticing toy. She hasn’t done it again so perhaps it was a one off but it was pretty amusing to witness. To check out a simple demonstration of the shuffle, click on the image above.

20 Responses to “Shuffleuffagus”


    i did the bum shuffle, except my mother called it the bum crawl. I never did crawl properly as a child. My twin sister on the other hand did indeed crawl good and proper.


    Almost! But I hope she isn’t bum shuffling out the door to go on dates when she’s 16 (15? 13? When do kids start dating??). That would just be weird.


    Next dance party movement: the bum shuffle.At a meeting: let’s bum-shuffle this issue.
    To my SO: I will subtly approach you from unexpected angles, or I would simply bum-shuffle you.
    You are the best, Claire.


    i “bum-shuffled” when i was a baby. instead of crawling, i scooted around on my little bum and was pretty fast!


    The bum shuffle is a time honored move for me. Every time I’m in a house with a long carpeted straight staircase I am overcome by the desire to bum shuffle down the stairs. I guess that makes me a big freak. *grin*


    she is the cutest! quick question though, what font are you using in that bum shuffle jpg. i have been trying to find that font for the longest time. is it a mac thing?

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