Moving into the pad

He’s back! Now let’s hope he stays. By the way, Typepad (which Big-P uses to publish his blog) is amazing. If you have been looking for some easy way to start a blog of your own Typepad has an incredible list of easy to use features.

6 Responses to “Moving into the pad”


    Hey Claire!
    Great Site!! Always been a fan!

    A little help from all loobylu lovers?!?

    Am studying PR an uni and for my journalism subject I have to interview someone!! And hey, easy enough to interview just anyone… but quite obviosly they have to be interesting!! An interesting occupation or hobby… someone that a magazine would report on!!

    Im stuck!!! 🙁

    Any suggestions?!


    Ohhhhh!!! The house is gone!!!! It was so sweet and beautiful, too!! That must have been a great shock. Sorry to hear about it. (I really hope they salvaged the windows and cabinets!)
    Good to know about the blog..I want to start one up, once I get a few other things out of the way..sounds like TypePad’s the one to try.


    Hey Clair. I enjoy reading your blog. Sorry about a dreary winter..we are in the heat of summer. Check out my fun purses, splat mats and bags. Maybe they can brighten up a cold day for you at Amelia! I have the purses on ebay mia*stella

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