Hassled, harried, harassed

Suzanne is very busy — she’s harried and hassled. She’s so busy that she has taken a break from her blog and I have done an illustration to fill in the time while she is away.

I’m busy too. So busy that I think I might have to cut down on some of the client work while I get my “Big Project” ready for October.

12 Responses to “Hassled, harried, harassed”

  1. inbox@afaith.com

    I like that illustration. I don’t know if this sounds stupid, but I like how it is busy, there’s lots to look at. It seems like you put a lot of care into the illustration, Claire.
    Your daughter is so lovely!

  2. peter@rock.per.sg

    Chance upon from another blog site…, I love your illustration style and your website design!
    Now I dropped in just to see your new works. 🙂

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