Compare and contrast

Two different books (1 & 2) and only one cover design idea.
Also – I have just updated my about page for August.

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    That’s weird about the book covers! I really want to read Stiff – sounds like the kind of thing I would be fascinated by.
    Also, that licorice looks fabulous – have you found somewhere local to buy it? I think I need some.


    Yeah – do you remember me telling you about the organic butcher near the corner of Belmore and Burke in Kew? There is an green grocer there too who sell a few organic bits and pieces. Even though they are right near the awesome organic butcher, I wouldn’t recommend them for anything other than the licorice.


    I swear to God, Claire, that child of yours is positively GORGEOUS. I want one. 🙂
    (PS – my typewriter arrived from E-bay … it’s FABULOUS and complete with its own faux brown leather carry case … first novel ahoy!)


    I love that furry jacket Amelis is wearing!
    Don’t get me wrong – Franklin is great – ut I look fondly at all the funky clothes for little girls.

    Do you think Frank could carry this off?


    The book cover thing happens ALL THE TIME, and it sucks. Impossible to avoid, though, much to the dismay of those of us who design them for a living.
    What’s worse is when you see the EXACT SAME STOCK PHOTO on another book (or a billboard, or an ad for home security systems, or a dog food commercial). Which is exactly what happened with In Her Shoes (the book Plum mentioned).

    It’s hard to do a total buyout of a stock photo, and totally impossible to prevent other designers and art directors from having the same ideas! 🙂


    O yes,,, I agree whole heartedly… Amelia J is just a living doll! So bright-eyed and rosy cheeked! But one question… do we have to wait all the way to October to find out what your BIG PROJECT is?!!! I’m itching with curiousity and october seems like such a very long way away. Can’t you give us just a little hint?


    I was watching an episode of “Six Feet Under” last night and realized that they did the Extreme Closeup of Bottom of Feet with Dangly Toe Tag(in the credits) long before either of these books.
    I just found your blog and really like it!


    i’ve seen some books with similar (to eachother) covers as well! that’s pretty bad!

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