Flea Market Regrets

Happy birthday Ben!

While I paid $5 for 5 enamel cups at the flea market yesterday and thought I had got a good bargain, it’s nothing on the $5 well spent at a thrift store by Teri Horton in 1992. She found what could well be a Jackson Pollock original.

Yesterday we braved the freezing cold air and armed with scarves, hats, gloves and hot chocolates we rummaged like wild things. Big-P was looking for anything that would make a profit on ebay, Jen was looking for a typewriter, Erin was looking for some very specific knitting needles and Kylie was hankering after a shag… (ah ha!) a shag rug that is.

I always have this faint hope that I might stumble across some great find at the flea market. About a year ago I found a Lomo camera – brand new and still in the box with film and booklets etc. for $10 and was pretty excited. But I am yet to find that amazing thing that forces me to keep my blood pressure down to ensure the vendor doesn’t see my glee and jack the price up accordingly.

I found a cute little 1940s reamer at one stall yesterday. It was in the shape of a chicken (or a duck according to Big-P) and the freshly squeezed juice would pour from it’s beak. I thought it was really cute, but it was $65. I turned it down after holding on to it for about five minutes, but then I proceeded to whinge on about all morning. “I’m going to regret it, I know I’m going to regret it!”. Finally, an exasperated Big-P took Kylie back to get her opinion on it and the price was, in her words, “insane”. I had to agree at the time, plus Big-P and I had set a $20 spending limit. But now that I have looked up similar things up on google and ebay I am keen to go back and find it next week and haggle her down a little. I might become a reamer collector! Or maybe just one will do me.

The main problem with the flea markets at Camberwell is that they are generally not cheap. Most of the stalls seem to be run by folks who seem to be way too canny and know how much their items are really worth. The other problem is that by the time you get there any time after 8 the place has been picked over by the professionals who line their shops with their finds… and that’s no fun! Does anyone know of any similar such markets in Victoria (Australia that is) that are anything like Camberwell?

Lots of “season’s greetings” cards are in the works. If all goes to plan they will be online and for sale in October. Hooray!

Have a look at Alicia Paulson’s studio painted pink and then there’s the Edward Gorey studio 360 degree tour. I love looking at other people’s studios. It gives me studio-envy.

And not that I’m watching or anything – but I am so pleased that Reggie and Chrissie are the last two remaining contestants on Big Brother. Two girls! It will make a nice change from the usual all-australian, footy-playing, beer-drinkin’, slow-mo male taking out the prize money. Go Chrissie!