Slow mo

Ahh! It’s happened! I have had my first “gosh darn it, it must be in storage!” experience. My sketch book full of wondrous clippings and ideas is no where to be found so I can only hope that it made it into a storage box and not into one of the rubbish bags.
I am waiting for Amelia J to wake up so that I can feed her lunch – amazing vegetable soup followed by a slice of cantelope. That girl eats well and has the chubby thighs and the sparkle in her eyes to prove it. I am not eating so well – lots of chocolate and treats and too much toast and not enough greens. I have lost so much weight due to the breast feeding over the last 9 months that I have stopped even thinking about what I eat. The more the better is my only food thought these days. But I think I am needing an energy boost. I am tired a lot and maybe it’s just the jet lag thing hanging around (as it tends to do) and the weird feeling of being launched back into the middle of a chilly melbourne winter, but I just want to cuddle up in front of the heater and turn the pages of the Order of the Phoenix and open another bag of m & ms.

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