Hear me

Yesterday I took Amelia along for a council run “Distraction Hearing Test”. All the women in my mother’s group received letters last week inviting us along so being incredibly concerned about doing the absolute best for our babies there was no question of “please call us if you do not wish to have your baby tested”.
The test was held in a maternal health centre and the waiting room was full of mums and babies. I overheard a couple of them discussing how their children had failed the first time around and how apparently it was really common.

When it was our turn to go in I had to sit on a chair with Amelia perched on the front of my knees. One mothercraft nurse stood in front of us with a rattle to keep Amelia looking to the front and one nurse was behind me rattling objects to see if Amelia would turn around (the “distraction” bit). She did ok on the high frequency sounds but when the nurse started going “Mumumumumumum” in a low voice over my left then right shoulder she failed to respond. Boooo! The fact that there was babble from other mothers and babies in the waiting room just outside and a squeaking door that kept being opened probably didn’t help but we have to go back in a month’s time as this time she may just have fluid in her ears due to a slight head cold. If she fails again we get referred to an audiologist for a more serious round of tests.

"ooh I liked the little rattly noise better!"

Big-P, my Mum (who was up here baby-sitting yesterday) and I have been standing in weird places (behind the door, in the laundry etc) and going “mumumumum” for the last 24 hours to see if she will in fact respond. 10% response I would guess so far. Maybe she just thinks “Mumumumumum” in a low robot voice isn’t worth turning her head for?