Austin Powers lived here

Brunch in Carlton with blog friends old and new. Blogger gossip, blogger jokes and discussing blogging-boredom. Amelia was a very well behaved baby at the table, only threatening to spill a coffee once, squawking twice and mostly entertaining herself with a harmless but ongoing keen intent to chew on a menu. We will have to do that again – it was a lot of fun. Usually the weblog meetups happen at night which makes it near impossible for us to get to but these brunching alternatives are pretty nice. Perhaps we should organise a blog meet / thrift meet one Sunday at the flea markets?
Househunting resulted in more wild goose chases around the suburbs yesterday where we marveled at some of the scarier low-points of 70s home decorating including the house with “built-in” everything… yes, there was plenty of storage but the built-in bedbases, kitchen table and chairs and the room of cupboards were all a bit much… as was the really disgusting electric toothbrush built into the bathroom. All four houses we saw sucked for one or more reasons. I am really tired of walking into houses that have that deep yellow plush-yet-mouldy-looking 70s carpet.

I made some Martha Stewart Food Magazine cookies yesterday which are ok — but nowhere near as good as Princess Meg’s Birthday Cookies which will impress any mother’s group. Tried and true.