Folio Toting Super Mum

So today I went down to Albert Park to meet with an artist’s rep / agent / person-who-might-get-me-some-more-work type person. Mum and Amelia came along for the ride (truth be told, I got Mum to drive us and I am so glad she did because she was a superhero when it came to changing lanes to get onto Kings Way where as I would have been a screaming, jabbering mess) and with them both safely strapped in, I flung my folios into the back seat along side Amelia who was singing squealy songs and we headed West.
When we got there, Mum took Amelia for a wander around the block while I went into the agency and sat down in one of their big black lounge suites and waited to meet with the rep. I was given a form to fill in listing my skills and experience and so on while I listened to the receptionists answer the phone and talk about word documents. As I sat there I suddenly realised that I was sitting in the reception area of an agency about to have a business meeting and I got all overcome and nervous. I realised that there was a bit of baby vomit on the collar of my polar fleece and then it occurred to me that I was wearing a polar fleece and that my eyebrows haven’t seen a pair of tweezers for ummm – (how long has Amelia been around?) 7 months… and my hair is really shaggy and unkempt in a very messy pony tail with the odd grey hair springing forth (long time between colours)… and I’m a MUM and there goes Amelia in her pusher wheeling past the window being pushed by my mum… I didn’t feel terribly professional at all!

But the rep came out and looked through my folio and was so very nice and relaxed and complimentary about my work and the way I have been growing my business that before I knew it I was having a pretty good time.

Afterwards Mum, Amelia and I sat outside a patisserie (which is what they have in Albert Park) in the chilly May sunshine and sipped hot coffees. Mum had a pastry that was shaped like an apple and I went for the chocolate croissant. We discussed how we might move to Albert Park and do this kind of thing all the time.

So we shall see what shall become of all that – perhaps some new clients. Regardless, it’s good to get out there and do businessy things from time to time even if I did realise mid conversation that there was a crusty blob of chicken-sweet potato baby food stuck to the side of my shoe.