send us universal energy, man

Please send good vibes! We have found a little place to rent that is cute and cozy. I have just spoken to the land agent and it has come down to two very good applications – us and another young family. Fingers crossed. More news soon.
This time last year we were going through similar things.

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    Wishing you well. I laughed out loud when you mentioned ‘mortgage envy’ a few weeks ago. I know it intimately. All our friends are buying houses at the moment, and we’re in no position to even dream about it. Luckily we have a gorgeous little rented unit in Camberwell. Have been here for years so it’s really reasonable. It would be so sad to have to leave. Now I have a 2 month old bub I’ve started really longing for a house of my own. Still, a home is what you make of it, and it sounds like you’re a natural maker of warm and loving vibes!


    Copious quantities of good vibes coming from Perth. Fingers crossed!


    I’m sending good vibes to both candidates, something like this: “Aummmmmm I hope Claire and Big P get this house they want, and the other couple gets an equally good house dropped in their laps after a minimum of extra looking, Aummmmmmm….”


    yay. mega good home-getting vibes comin’ at ya


    sending you lots of really groovy good vibes all the way from berlin, germany!!!! good luck viel glueck bonne chance!!


    Good luck wishes for an awesome house sent to you from Ohio! (The wishes, not the house, natch.)


    The vibes are on their way Fed Ex!!!
    *hugs* and good luck!


    I wish for you the very best outcome for everyone involved no matter what that may be =) one that will bring you love, life, health, joy and inspiration!


    Good house getting vibes being transmitted…ommmmmmmmmmmm….good house getting vibes being transmitted…ommmmmmmmmmmmm…
    hope it all goes as you wish 🙂


    Hope it goes well for you and your family and you have the house of your choice!


    Hopping on one leg and CHANTING something about chicken entrails as I type. Sure, my vegetarian convictions may get in the way of me properly performing this ancient Etruscan real estate ritual, but if enthusiasm counts for anything you’ll get that flat.

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