It rhymes with Mango

Wags the Dog, He likes to Tango,Wags the dog, he calls it Rango (??!!),
Wags the dog, it rhymes with Mango”
The Wiggles

We have entered the Wiggles era. I have been humming the above lyrics all morning and I’m not quite sure I have them right. Rango… hmmm. Apart from wondering what a Rango is (and thinking that perhaps that’s just how a dog pronounces tango; “rrrrango!”), I also want to know which Wiggle is the hunky one to keep mums entertained. I once read somewhere that Blues Clues was popular because the host, Steve (often reported to be dead) was appealing to both babes and mums alike… So gals and guys, who is it? Anthony? Greg? Murray or Jeff?