House hunting blues

The official notice to vacate our property arrived in the mail on Friday. As it seems so terribly unfair and I continue to have mortgage-envy, I was tempted to immediately go out and buy a tatts lotto ticket – but I know that you should only ever do that when you have a special “feeling” in your bones (actually I get kind of goosebumps on the back of my neck) and the feeling that you have when you know you have to move house is not the right kind of feeling at all. No one ever won tatts when they were feeling grumpy. Well, I certainly have never won tatts when I was feeling grumpy. Once I did get that tingly tatts feeling – and we won fifty dollars. Strangely enough, I seem to get that feeling when the jackpot is around 9 million. I think it’s really interesting that as soon as you buy a tatts ticket (unless you do it every week and then it might be different) you plan exactly how you will spend the 9 mill (14 million, 5 million or whatever), and when you don’t win you just can’t understand how that could possibly be. I always feel slightly outraged. “You mean we didn’t win?? How can that be possible? I bought a ticket!”.
There is a grey cloud that settles down around everything when you have to move house and every new place you look through is dank and depressing. We saw an absolute corker yesterday – the ceilings were falling in, the carpet was worn through and the bathroom smelt decidedly like pee. It was huge and had a cute 1940s kitchen but it was really incredibly awful for $350 per week (!!). Big-P has been feeling optimistic about the whole situation up until now – but that’s been because he has been at work and I have been the one walking through houses. After two minutes in this place I could see that grey cloud descend around his shoulders too. But in the words of my ever wise and taoist father – “you only need to find one house”.

Perhaps we should move to East St Kilda – then we might run into this guy on his segway!