Boo hoo

We found out yesterday that the owners of our perfect little house want to move in to it at the end of our 12 month lease. That’s at the beginning of July. I was really hoping we could stay here for a while. Now when I look at the lovely evening light spilling in across the lounge room and when I hear the wind in the pine tree outside our bedroom window I just feel sad.
Apart from feeling sad there is also the hassle of finding a new place and moving again.

On a more cheery note, I have done some illustrations for the A A Milne poem “The End” for my friend Bronwyn. I have put them up over here, and I have put some of them on a mug which will be on sale for ONE WEEK ONLY at CafePress – which means prices are in US dollars.

And in other news, I won my first ebay auction! A piece of fabric for three dollars. Hey big spender!