Hippy hoppy ha-di-ha

Today is my birthday. 31. My! How is it that I got to be so young? Or something. I was woken pre-dawn by Big-P rustling like crazy in the closet by the bed. My immediate reaction was to spring up and say “SHHH! You’ll wake Amelia before I have had a chance to have my coffee!” but upon realising that it was my birthday and that he was getting my beautiful present down from it’s hiding place I decided that I had better lose the cranky mum act. I also received enough chocolate truffles to build a small chocolate truffle house if I wanted to and the great creator/thor/mother nature has provided me with an icy-cold-autumnal-downpours kind of day as the perfect birthday back-drop.
To answer the age-old birthday question “are you doing anything special today?” the answer is I am making special birthday baby food, having a special birthday nap, checking through oodles of special birthday spam and tonight eating special birthday pizza while watching a special birthday video.

I watched too much news yesterday and went to bed with a heavy heart. I will not make that mistake again today – just the 7pm ABC news and nothing more. It is my birthday after all.