Hippy hoppy ha-di-ha

Today is my birthday. 31. My! How is it that I got to be so young? Or something. I was woken pre-dawn by Big-P rustling like crazy in the closet by the bed. My immediate reaction was to spring up and say “SHHH! You’ll wake Amelia before I have had a chance to have my coffee!” but upon realising that it was my birthday and that he was getting my beautiful present down from it’s hiding place I decided that I had better lose the cranky mum act. I also received enough chocolate truffles to build a small chocolate truffle house if I wanted to and the great creator/thor/mother nature has provided me with an icy-cold-autumnal-downpours kind of day as the perfect birthday back-drop.
To answer the age-old birthday question “are you doing anything special today?” the answer is I am making special birthday baby food, having a special birthday nap, checking through oodles of special birthday spam and tonight eating special birthday pizza while watching a special birthday video.

I watched too much news yesterday and went to bed with a heavy heart. I will not make that mistake again today – just the 7pm ABC news and nothing more. It is my birthday after all.

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  1. erika@five3.com

    Happy happy birthday Claire. I hope you have a great one! 🙂 Enjoy your special day!

  2. mabelle@whimsyandstarsstudio.com

    Feliz Cumpleanos! Happy Birthday, fellow artsy soul! I hope you had a great day, a restful and happy one. Funny, when we become mommies everything changes…naps are such a luxury and treasure! I hope you have a good one today, LOL

  3. donnadenim@yahoo.com

    Happy Birthday!!!!! Have a great day!

  4. missjenjen@pixelkitty.net

    Happy birthday Claire! We are almost twins … I turned 31 on the 18th of March!
    Now, if I could just find a baby as adorable as your Amelia somewhere …

  5. dekent@shaw.ca

    Happy Birthday Claire!
    I hope everything is wonderful during your day. Special baby food, special nap, special pizza…

    wow, I envy you!

  6. Cilla@gibtesnicht.com

    Happy Birthday – even if you dont know me, I have enjoyed your journal and work quite a lot lately! Have a good day!

  7. campose99@jhotmail.com

    Happy Birthday. Have a wonderful year…

  8. meredithbadger@hotmail.com

    Happy Birthday! You young people, I don’t know… it’s much harder being 32, let me tell you.Cute pressie… (oh, and Big P’s link to the mini horses has made me smile a lot this week.)

  9. beth@miaowthecat.com

    Happy Special Birthday – I’m sure you could even make the ABC news at 7pm special by muting the nasties and singing loudly until they’re over ;o)Truffles are good.

  10. vibegrrl@hot995.com

    ALMOST totally unrelated, but I was just in Brazil, and your title reminded me of how Brazilians pronounce hip-hop ‘ippy-oppy’…
    Happy Birthday Claire! Hope you had a nice one 🙂

  11. ben@neuronwave.com

    Have a great day and a wonderful weekend.

  12. sylvia_bm@yahoo.com

    Dear Claire,
    Happy Birthday, may all the smiles and joy you give the world return to you tenfold today.

    That’s enough “happy power” to quell whatever the 7pm news brings.

  13. sylvia_bm@yahoo.com

    Dear Claire,
    Happy Birthday, may all the smiles and joy you give the world return to you tenfold today.

    That’s enough “happy power” to quell whatever the 7pm news brings.

  14. cath.kelly@ad-fab.net

    have an ad-fabulous birthday!!!

  15. enuwyteo@yahoo.com

    Happy Birthday Claire! Here’s wishing you all the happiness. Thanks for maintaining this site, it’s been really nice to come in here and read amidst all that’s going on in the world

  16. tschoerda@gmx.at

    alles gute zum geburtstag! happy birthday from austria!
    it is the first day of spring here and it is just lovely. i hope your day is a s fine as the weather on the other side of the globe *g*

  17. celblaus@yahoo.com.br

    Claire,A Happy Birthday to you! Have a nice and beautiful day…
    31 yrs old: this is the “second” of 10 amazing years!
    Cindy, 30 yrs old

  18. ljm@ualberta.net

    Happy Birthday Claire! What a gorgeous gift 🙂

  19. tokisi@hotmail.ocm

    Happy birfday to you happy birfday to you happy birfday loooooobbbbyyyyluuuuuuuuu, happy birfday to you, piphip erray piphip erray. n many appy returns n all that stuff:)

  20. silusGROK@mail.com

    Happy Birthday, Claire… you deserve it!

  21. melaniewilson@sympatico.ca

    Happiest of Birthdays, Claire! Wishing you the best year ever, full of health and happiness, love and joy! and truffles…. lots and lots of truffles! and naps….lots and lots of blissful undisturbed sleep!

  22. woodencracker@yahoo.com

    happy birthday to you! a special birthday nap is such a perfect thing. and birthday pizza tastes so much better than everyday pizza…the cooks must know!

  23. cathy.mccluskey@sympatico.ca

    Hi Happy Birthday from your much, much older Canadian sister-in-law.

  24. tracereraser1@yahoo.com

    Happy Boith-day! I visit your site often, but this is my first comment 🙂 I’m 32 and when people ask my age, I hesitate because for a split second, I honestly can’t remember. Makes me look like I’m fibbing, but actually it’s because I was 20-something for so long. How can I be 32 when it was just yesterday that I was wearing Robert Smith t-shirts and writing bad poetry in high school? Anyway, have yourself a swell day!

  25. c.laffan@bmcdvic.com.au

    Happy birthday Claire. I was my birthday yesterday and I had lots of birthday naps too. Viva la snoozes.

  26. looloop@hotmail.com

    Many happy returns Claire, I hope you had a great day. It always rains on my March birthday too, must be my special dose of Murphy’s law. Have you finished all the truffles yet?

  27. jonathan.wise@civilization.ca

    Bonne anniversaire! And many happy returns Claire!

  28. kadir@freak.com

    HAPPY BIRTHDAE!!!!!~!~i know i am a bit late but its betta late then never… =)
    HapPy 31st b|rtHd@e!!!!yeaH!!!

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