Domain illustration

For any interested folks who live in Melbourne, today’s copy of the Age (print version only) has one of my illustrations on the cover of the Domain section. Yey!

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    Yippy…I unsuspectingly bought the bread and newspaper and saw the blurb about the Domain section and recognised you straight away! Looks excellent! But why not the Loobylu monkier? I think it would drive alot of people to your site.:)Feeling happy that I’m the first message here too!


    I saw it this morning whilst browsing through the paper at the coffee shop. I instantly recognised your style, it is so uniquely yours.
    Congratulations and well done.


    In Sydney – so didn’t pick up the Age (do it on the way home) way to go* (oh! and congrats on the the bloggies stuff too).


    as in perth, i don’t buy the Age… but next time i’m at uni i will definitely check it out(i’m pretty sure they get the Age)!


    Not just on the cover, Claire – it IS the cover! Looks great!


    i was reading that story this morning, and now here i am in your site for the first time… the world is a freakishly and alarmingly small place, huh? that or there is a huge bunch of kismet wandering around with my name on it.


    I had a look at the Age today at uni… it is so cool to see your pic there! it must’ve felt really good to see your name in print in the credits on the inside cover! well done!

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