I’m absolutely exhausted! It could be all the crazy yoga I did this morning, or the change in weather from very very hot to relatively cold, but all I want to do is curl up in bed and have a big long luxurious nap. But no, there’s no time for that. I am waiting for an approval from a client who will no doubt call just as I am about to feed Amelia who will then scream (understandably) for all the time while I am on the phone discussing colours and composition.

I am still working on the changes to the web site. Eventually there will be archives by date and category, so if you want to read all about my cooking adventures but leave out all the guff about illustration and deadlines then you’ll be able to go to the “cooking” page and ignore the rest! I’m not sure if this is really a totally necessary feature on my site but it’s kind of fun to nut out all the movable type stuff.