Cake oh cake

Well, the chocolate cake rose a little more, but it just wasn’t as incredible as the ones my mum makes. I bought new self-raising flour and mum came over and sat in the kitchen and watched my every move. I did it exactly the way she would have. Exactly! So what went wrong? My theories to this now include that my oven is not the same as my mum’s. Perhaps it needs to be cooler – or hotter… or it’s the fact that mum pours melted butter into her metal mix-master bowl which immediately cools it slightly whereas my bowl is plastic so the butter stays hotter. Or maybe the eggs are too small or the eggs are too fresh. Perhaps it’s that the milk is not creamy enough (although mum says she uses Trim which is a low fat milk much like my Lite-Start). Anyway. The cake was fine. Just not perfect. Instead I think I am going to make some of this popcorn. The recipe looks pretty easy and the reviews are rave!

In other news, someone drove into my car while I was parked outside a friend’s house this afternoon. Fortunately they left a very nice note (“I RAN INTO YOUR CAR sorry…”) with contact details so I won’t have to pay for it but to get the back bumper bar fixed means I will be without a car for a while. While this doesn’t worry me too much because I still hate driving, it means it’s going to be hard to get little Amelia J around, because this is the car that her baby seat has been fitted into. Logistics are always trickier when there is this little new person involved.