Accessorise me

After entertaining last night until the baby-friendly hour of 10pm, Big-P and I got up this morning and headed down to Brunswick Street for a late breakfast: eggs benedict and hot hot coffee. And then I bought a hat, and then a second hat and then a bag from Douglas & Hope which I have been coveting for the longest time. Early birthday presents all round!

And just quickly:
Reading: Gigi and the Cat by Colette
Watching: Hornblower – new series starts tonight!
Cooking: making and remaking mum’s chocolate cake. Why, oh why, will it not rise? Tomorrow she is going to watch me make it to discover my cake baking weakness. Could it be that the self raising flour is too old?
Drinking: The most delicious cordial – Happy Valley Apple Raspberry.. mmm…
Surfin’: Nobody’s Doll (from where I found that one of my favourite rainy day books I Capture the Castle is going to be released as a film this year), 10 million march in peace protests, Nathan’s Kelman to the Rescue and Tadahiro Uesugi Illustration.