I love Mary Blair

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  1. ralph@brandi.org

    I’ve never heard of Mary Blair, but now I’m going to have to look her up. I love that flat 1950s UPA-ish Gerald McBoingBoing type look. And this is a gorgeous illustration.

  2. j.ketchion@student.qut.edu.au

    i love the way ‘alice in wonderland’ looks. thanks for posting your illo, i really like it. have fun with any more retro-type ones you do!

  3. ralph@brandi.org

    Thanks for the link, Claire. That’s amazing that she worked for Disney. Her style (as Staake notes) was the complete antithesis of the Disney archetype. But then, I think maybe a lot of Disney artists must have had an appreciation for the style; as I recall, UPA, the best corporate representation of this style, was founded by Disney refugees.

  4. seejanereed@yahoo.com

    I like the Mary Blair, but thank you for the Bob Staake link! I’m having a good time paging through his site.

  5. lshaff1@san.rr.com

    I also like Mary Blair’s illustration style but never knew her name. Seonna Hong is another admirer as you can see from her illustrations at seonnahong.com.

  6. sparehed@yahoo.com

    groovy ! This brings back memories the books I used to pour over when I was a kid. I’m totally useless at work now, and I think I’ll spend my afternoon staring out of the window. If I get fired, it’s your fault ! Booh !
    (just kidding)

  7. keri@clamhead.com

    Oh, wow… This illustration is great! Very Blair-esque. I’ve always been enamored of Ms. Blair’s style, especially since Disneyland has always been a huge part of my life. They used to have these great tile murals in Tomorrowland at Disneyland featuring her art:http://www.yesterland.com/maryblair.html but they’re all gone now, replaced by something much less charming. A search for “Mary Blair” on eBay will turn up some interesting things; children’s books and ads and sometimes even original art.
    Yay for Mary Blair!

  8. anna@absolutely-vile.com

    Keri, I had no idea the tiles had been removed from Tomorrowland. How sad! I’ve always loved Disneyland’s slightly decrepit feeling (when held in contrast to Disneyworld, that is). What a shame that this appeal seems to be diminishing.

  9. pyromaniac917@yahoo.com

    About the bunny thing- actually, it’s a good thing that you would have them in the house. If you have one or more pets in early childhood you won’t get allergies to animals, which is probably why you have them (because you didn’t get much exposure). 😀 It’s a pain working it all out though, isn’t it?
    That’s an adorable illo. I love retro.

  10. keri@clamhead.com

    Anna, I know how you feel. I grew up visiting the retro Tomorrowland and was sad they revamped it. Luckily, there’s still a huge, gorgeous Mary Blair tile mural at the Contemporary Resort Monorail station at Walt Disney World. Still luckier, I knew they were going to remove the Tomorrowland mural and I took detailed pictures of it before they covered it up!

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