Extracurricular AJ

It’s been a busy week of baby related activities. As a result Amelia is more entertained but more worn out at the end of each day. More worn out means more hours of crying in the evenings before she final settles for a night of baby dreams (I wonder what babies dream of? Do they dream of chasing rabbits? Can they tell the difference between dreams and reality?). This crying is the purple-in-the-face, screaming-while-trying-to-gain-comfort-from-sucking-thumb type crying which is extremely stressful for us parents who hover in the hallway outside her room watching her flailing limbs. We go in for a comforting pat every four minutes and a cuddle every 15 and eventually she lets go of all the stress and drops into a deep sleep. Activities this week have included our first Mother-baby yoga session (stretch those chubby little legs!) and our last formal, council run, mother’s group session. Starting from next week we will meet informally in each others houses to discuss poo and sleeping patterns (what am I going to do about our embarrassing couch? Its cushions are completely split, oozing stuffing and causing major back traumas). Last night Big-P and I also attended an infant/child first aid session where we learnt how to do CPR, recognise serious signs of illness, wrap burns and so on. After practicing mouth to mouth on a weird plastic baby and an even weirder plastic half toddler I came home feeling slightly more confident but massively more paranoid. Other exciting events this week; a trip to the library, a trip to grandma’s, I booked tickets for a super duper family holiday, Amelia J turned 4 months and I taught her how to blow a raspberry.