Fruit flies

Apart from train wrecks, explosions and space disasters – another sad, sad, sad event over the weekend: “Fire destroys Flying Fruit Circus classrooms” (via virulent memes). As a kid I always had a secret fantasy about moving to Albury and joining the Fruit Flies in some capacity despite my huge lack of coordination. The worst bit is the loss of their history – tour posters and photos all gone.

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    A bad weekend all round I think. In fact 2003 has got off to a shocker.
    Although, the fruit flies could of been well left alone.

    I had a little dream of joing up with them as well as a kid, but I was too uncoordinated.


    That’s sad news. My sister and I used to play Flying Fruit Flies until what has since been called the Pool Pony incident of 1983. We now only speak of it in hushed tones.


    oh my goodness, i always wanted a pool pony! i used to look lovingly at them floating in the above-ground pools at our local clark pool store.
    that’s such sad news, claire. i remember the first time i ever saw the flying fruit flies on simon townsend’s wonderworld, and wishing i was better at calisthenics, at which i was very, very bad.


    I was too old for the Fruit Flies by the time I heard about them but compensated years and years later (in my 30s) by taking classes at Circus Oz in Sth (Port?) Melbourne. I was woried about my abilities until I turned up and saw a one legged man hanging from a trapeze and quickly discovered this was a place where they truly believed anyone could do anything!


    My cousin was one of the first Fruit Flies, in 1979. He’s still doing acrobat stuff.
    It’s been a bit of a blow, but rebuilding plans are already afoot.

    (Oh yeah, sorry to all the loobylu readers I may have scared on my ranting spree at VM.)


    I had longings to be a Fruit Fly as well. I went to Wodonga High (where the Acrobat Arts Community School was located)… and I was always envious of the little Grade 3 Fruit Fly’s wandering around the school.

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