Down by the river

After surviving Saturday, the hottest Melbourne day (44°c – around 112°f) since “Black Friday” in 1939 we decided to go for a walk on Sunday along the river to get out of the house and into the breeze. Down by the depressingly low and brown Yarra River there was not only a gentle breeze but even some long and very green grass. A sight for sore eyes these days. Amelia J slept in her pram or watched the trees while we ate sandwiches and felt ourselves slowly come back to the land of the living after a night of tossing and turning in the pea-soup heat. There were ducks, and people sitting on picnic rugs and in wooden boats and a jazz band singing by the kiosk and people playing bocce and cricket and frisbee and water polo in their kayaks. It really was just like a scene from a Lasse Hallström movie only enhanced by the large group of women sitting on folding chairs under the trees all working away on large wooden spinning wheels.
So there are a few days reprieve before it heats up again on Wednesday.