Snail Poo Mail

My new font arrived in the mailbox (in amongst the snail droppings, how appropriate!) yesterday morning and my Children’s Market book arrived in my post office box so I am now all set to start my new marketing campaign. Besides sending out hundreds of postcards I am keen to find an artist’s representative both here and overseas to help bring in some more work. I am not really sure what that entails but suspect it will mean sinking more money into self promotional stuff. I wonder if it will be worth it.
I am also currently working on a double page spread for a cook book by designers. [May Contain Traces of Nuts] has to be one of the best cook book names ever. As you can see by the roll call it will feature the work of many talented designers and illustrators and I am totally honored to be taking part. Cass and Nicole are currently looking for a publisher but it’s all very exciting and snowballing along. Here’s a snippety preview of my page.