Friday Font Frenzy

Firstly! Congratulations to my brother and K for the birth of their amazingly cute little boy. I can’t stop looking at his little face in the photos they have sent us and I can’t wait to meet him and give him a tickle and a cuddle come Easter time.
And that font that I have been craving (and creating a little havoc with!)? I am so incredibly amazed that I could find it! I used the’s “What The Font” feature that anj suggested in my comments and that came back with an unknown but it did suggest I try Identifont where they ask a set of 12 questions which from they can identify the font! Brilliant! I was extremely dubious (and obviously naive) when starting out as I thought “how on earth can they identify one of bazillions of fonts from a mere 12 questions?” but sure enough the font was identified as FF seria sans which turns out is not so incredibly expensive in AU$… unlike some of the others that I am now coveting (eg. the appealing retro Neutraface – thanks to Whitney). Anna identified the other Martha Stewart Kids fonts as Emigre’s Base 9 and the amazingly elegant Mrs Eaves. Unfortunately there are not enough characters available to me (mainly the uppercase) to identify the other font I am always curious about from Martha Stewart – the “baby” cursive heading font. The hunt continues. Thank you for all the suggestions and comments and font detective work. Fonts are beautiful things.