I am desperate for a new font for use in print work… I used to use Officina Sans wich seemed to be a good all-round kind of font for letters and business cards and fliers and so on but it disappeared off my system and it was just a little boring. So now I want a brand new font and I just don’t know how to find it. I have been browsing font sites until abcdefg1234567 all blur into a fonty smudge. I want it to be cute and quirky, leaning on the retro side (maybe a little like kabel but a bit cooler) but not a display font as it has to still look ok in large-ish bodies of text. I quite like the sans serif font that is used in the Martha Stewart kids mag for captions and intros… if you happen to be font-minded and you can think of something that might suit please either email me or leave a comment.