Added to the wishlist

This weekend has been just milestone after milestone for Amelia J. Firstly she rolled over from front to back not once but twice and then yesterday while we were in a craft store buying paper she did her first full blown laugh (ha ha ha ha ha ha!) at an unsuspecting sales assistant – he wasn’t particularly funny looking but he did have some wonderfully long dreadlocks. Perhaps she is going to grow up with a penchant for dreadlocks and craft shops. It could be worse.

While checking out Chronicle Books’ site for new release children’s books, I came across Ruby’s Wish which is illustrated by expat Australian Sophie Blackall. A search on the illustrator brings back very little in the way of results, but there are two pages of her work on her agent’s site and a page of the books she has illustrated at Amazon. I really like the way she uses a colour other than black (mostly red) for her outlines which is something I have done a couple of times in some of my things (eg. 1 and 2) but with the subtle blending of the watercolours that she uses the line work looks incredibly beautiful and luminous.